Don't make films for money, asserts Sathyu

Don't make films for money, asserts Sathyu

Sathyu said social commitment should be the motto of any film maker, not profit. The people working in the government controlled Doordarshan think like frogs in a well and reject screening of the movies produced in Hindi language just because it was not in Kannada.
A similar attitude is seen among other TV channels too. “A few years ago, jail authorities denied permission when I wanted to interview a person who has been sentenced to capital punishment. Then I moved the Supreme Court got permission and produced a movie. Unfortunately, no channel came forward to screen that picture”,said Sathyu.

The award winning director said in America, people pay money and watch documentaries; but in India nobody came forward to screen the movie ‘Ijjodu’ a movie which was based on a social issue. So, the movie was screened in Bangalore and Udupi.

 The filmdom is not giving any encouragement for the movie produced by the Reliance Big Pictures. Nobody came forward to buy the print, he added.In the four-day workshop, a lot of award winning movies were screened.

On this occasion, a newsletter ‘Swaroop’ brought out by the Mysore Film Society was released. The workshop was successfully conducted by Prof V N Lakshminarayan, Manu, Prashanth and Govardhan.

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