Button decor

Buttons come in an amazing range of shapes and sizes. Some of them are so beautiful and exotic that one feels like fretting because we don’t have matching clothes.

Here is an idea that you could follow to create your very own special wall hanging using ordinary white shirt buttons.

Things needed: A poplin black cloth measuring ten inches by fourteen inches, one packet of white shirt buttons having twin eye-holes only (usually one gross),two or three strings of tiny silver coloured beads, some skeins of blue, green and pink embroidery thread, sewing thread and needle.

You could sketch of a picture of a swan, crane or any bird for that matter on butter paper and transfer the design on to the black cloth using white carbon sheet. Once your design is ready, you should cover the design by stitching the buttons and the beads over it.

Thread the needle with a double length of considerably long thread and knot it at the bottom. Start working at the head region of the bird and move towards the tail.

Pass the needle from underneath and insert one eye-hole of the button through the needle, then introduce two silver beads and then pass the needle through the other eye-hole of the button to the bottom of the cloth.  Repeat this process such that the buttons overlap each other uniformly in one direction giving the effect of smoothed feathers.

Once the bird is completed you could embroider a water line using the blue embroidery thread, an embroidered lotus could add ambience to the presence of the swan.

The completed work could be framed and displayed on your mantel piece to reflect your creativity.

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