Here is a unique way of trying to capture all this and much, much more in a very creative way.

Use any coloured paper you find lying around: This can be from old greeting cards, old wrapping paper or just shopping boxes. You might also have some old decorations lying around. You will also need some scissors, glue and a A-3 size cardboard piece.

To start use simple geometric shapes, cut the papers into medium size geometric shapes and always compose them in numbers of 3, 5, 7…Paste these to the card board piece. Then fill each shape with your impressions of the festive season. Cut shapes in contrasting coloured papers, these shapes can be your interpretation of love, fun, parties etc. Some of the shapes should be abstract representations of the season, for example: some small pieces in different colours could represent parties and fun.

Fill in the gaps between the shapes with more bits of coloured paper and see what happens. The whole season is about enjoying and celebrating, so here is a way you can do just that with simple pieces of paper. Enjoy.

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