Mithun-da does a Jeetendra, goes all white!

Mithun-da does a Jeetendra, goes all white!

The perfectionist that he is, Mithun, the 'mahaguru' of the dance reality show, looks into the minute details of the show - be it the dance moves, techniques or the costumes for not only himself but also the participants and mentors.

So, when he saw that his attire and shoes are all white, he wanted a white watch too, said a source from the sets.

But the 63-year-old played saviour himself and took out an expensive white watch from his pocket and remarked: "Just in case you all forgot about the watch, I got one from my personal collection as a back-up."

The actor says he likes "everything to be perfect".

"Viewers scrutinise and comment on all we do and it’s always a pleasure to get compliments,” said Mithun.

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