Kaval cattle damage crops

Kaval cattle damage crops

The farm which was a boon to the farmers once upon a time has now been a bane for the farmers.

In a bizarre incident, nearly 20 to 25 cattle from the farm entered the agricultural land of Prabhu Kumar in Baggavalli village and damaged the crop in the area spread in an area of two acres.

Amruta Mahal Kaval is spread to a vast area of 651 acres. If maintained properly, the cattle can be fed enough in the grass grown at this land. Though everything is going wrong in the region, Assistant Director of the Centre Suresh has taken no steps in this regard.

The farmers say that, if at all they raise their voice against the misappropriation, complaints will be lodged against us in the police station. The officers of the Centre are not working in favour of cattle breeding but they think only about self development and are corrupt, say the farmers.

A few farmers staged a protest in front of the office against the irresponsible attitude of the officers. The farmers stopped the protest only after Assistant Director Suresh apologised with the farmers and assured of providing them compensation from the Centre. “We will ensure that such incidents will not recur again,” he said.

One of the farmers Prabhu warned of holding a severe protest if the officers do not correct their mistakes.