BJP-RSS ideology behind sectarianism: Cong

BJP-RSS ideology behind sectarianism: Cong

"I think they should seriously introspect within, and they should try and see that such ideologies which give birth to such sectarianism need to be purged. I think this is the time for self-introspection..." Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari told reporters here.

He said that if the BJP and the Sangh fail to carry out self-introspection, they will have nobody else but "themselves to blame."

Tewari said rather than accusing the UPA government or trying to deflect attention, BJP and RSS should "reflect as to why organisations and individuals who are allegedly involved in acts of terror draw support, sustenance, sympathy and ideological indoctrination from the philosophy and the ideology of the RSS-BJP combine".

He was responding to questions on BJP's claim that Congress' attack on Hindu leaders would deflate government's stand on terror emanating from Pakistan.

Defending the probe agencies' investigations into the role of RSS leaders in alleged acts of terror, he said, "The difference between a democratic state and a non-transparent state is that a democratic state does not sweep its ill under a carpet. If there is a problem, you should have the courage to identify it and to deal with it."

His remarks come a day after RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat lashed out at the Congress for giving a terror tag to his outfit.

Trashing allegations of RSS' links to terror attacks following Swami Aseemanand's reported confession, Bhagwat had also said those accused in various blasts are in no way connected to the organisation.