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Writer's Garden


My mother is my treasure
who gives me pleasure
which I cannot  measure
she goes crazy
when I am lazy
she takes me to the park
till its dark
as she moulds my charcter
as she is my director

Swathi M. X
Bhavani School

Teacher recipe

T - trouble they take
E - earnest in teaching
A - anchor to hold on to
C - Cheerful always
H - headache when we fail
E - endless effort
R - rich in love

Swathi M X
Bhavani School

Recipe to face exams

Pour all the hardwork
Add a handful of concentration
Stir and mix them well
Heat it up until it bubbles with joy
Sprinkle of other activities
Will keep your mind fresh
A cupful of confidence
Will make the recipe delicious
When exams are nearing
And the year
Is just about to end
A lot of practise and
Written work, we must
Mix and blend
Add a spoonful of high ambitions
(make sure they are not too high)
And of course, rest and sleep
With lots of enthusiasm
Using a sieve seperate
Competitiveness from any cheating
This is the exact recipe
To face fearful exams
I am sure you will
Reach sky high
So better start with your work
Before it’s too late.

S. Gayatri
Std. IX, MPES, Bangalore.

Easy V/s Difficult

Easy is to give an advice
Difficult to follow it
Easy is to tease someone
Difficult to bear a tease

Easy is to tell a lie
Difficult to confess the truth
Easy is to trouble others
Difficult to face your own problems
Easy is to discourage someone
Difficult to have courage in you
Easy is to make a promise
Difficult to keep a promise

Easy is to break a friendship
Difficult to make and keep
a friendship
Easy is to spend money
Difficult to earn it

Easy is to judge mistakes of others
Difficult to recognise our own!
Easy is to talk without thinking
Difficult to restrain the tongue

Easy is to hurt someone who loves us
Difficult to heal the wound
Easy is to set rules
Difficult to follow them

Easy is to dream every night
Difficult to make dreams come true
Easy is to make mistakes
Difficult to learn from them.

S. Gayatri
Std. IX, MPES, Bangalore.

Nasturtium Salad

The juice of this flower contains a strong aromatic substance.  If you plant it around your fruit trees, or spray the extract on them, the aromatic substance keeps aphids and other pests away from your  fruits.

Plant nasturtium seeds around vegetables to keep away squash pests.

Raw nasturtium flowers can be eaten by putting them in your sandwich to get a nice peppery taste. You can put a nasturtium flower in a bowl of soup to make the soup pungent and also look pretty. You can also use a few violet or rose petals to cover your salad and make it look lovely and tasty.

Try a beetroot and nasturtium salad : slice the beetroot very thin, take young nasturtium leaves and arrange the salad in a bowl with watercress sprigs. Decorate the nasturtium flowers and pour over the salad a dressing made of nasturtium seeds, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. The seeds are available in the Lal Bag nursery.

D H 

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