A vocalist with silver voice

A vocalist with silver voice

Nagasri Shankar

But this concert was slightly different as it carried course credit for the performance as a part of her curriculum ! Nagasri Shankar , an undergraduate studying Neuroscience at Austin College was the performing artiste.

Students studying in this college will receive course credit if they spend their holidays in their respective motherlands in a culturally innovative way like learning a local language or art or performing.

 This young girl, who was also deeply in to Karnatak music decided to mingle her love for music with her college credits. Nagasri was introduced to music by her mother  Jayasri Vidyashankar. Later she was trained by Indu Krishnamurthy at Dallas, Texas. Now her learning is in progress at Mysore by M.V.Anitha Ramanath and P.Rama of Bengaluru during her vacations.

Silver voice

Blessed with a bold silvery voice, Nagasri projected her confidence throughout the concert at Chandramouleshwara Temple under the aegis of Tygaraja Sangeetha sabha on the 9th of January 2011. It was evident in her approach to Ragalapana and Kalpana swaras.

The attractive voice which started showing signs of fatigue during the second half did not dither her level of confidence.  

It was this quality that steered her recital throughout. Nagasri was ably supported by two young and upcoming artistes S.Sangitha (Violin) and R.Eshwari (Mridanga).

After the traditional salutation to Lord Ganapati, Nagasri jumped to ‘Sadhinchane’, the Pancharathna Krithi of Saint Tyagaraja. It was nice to hear the clear lyrics with good diction. Nagasri chose raga Shanmukhapriya for elaboration.

She can bring more bhava to her alapa by modulating her voice. The volume and technique occupied the front seat which was indeed a hindrance to expression.

‘Sadashiva Bhargava’, a composition by Dr. M.balamuralikrishna was neatly presented.
The other Krithis she sang were ‘Ramaaramana Narayana’ (nagaswaravali-Adi),’Sabhapatikku’(Abhogi-Rupaka-Gopalakrishna Bharathi), ‘Srichakraraja nilaye’ (Shivashakthi-Adi-GNB).

More practise needed

By the time she reached the main raga of the day, her voice was refusing to co operate indicating the need to improve her stamina along with shruthi alignment. She managed to sing madhyamavathi though. ‘Raamakathasudha’ of Tyagaraja was enjoyable.
Nagasri sang a Kannada composition ‘Kaava daiva neenallade’ in Kamavardhini, an ashtapadi of Jayadeva, a tillana and ended the concert.

Young Eswari certainly has all the potentials to become a good mridangist. The violinst, who  is a good singer can play better with more practice.

Eighth anniversary

Swara sankula Hindusthani Sangeetha Vidyalaya of Mysore celebrated its 8th anniversary recently at Vasudevacharya Bhavana. Pandit Shantharama Hegde, a disciple of Pandit Basavaraja Rajaguru presented a vocal recital as part of it.

Sriram Bhat and Trilochan Kampli accompanied him on the Harmonium and
Tabla. Trilochan Kampli had presented a Tabla solo before this concert. Hegde is also teaching in the University of Dharwad. A voice that is not voluminous tried to impress the music lovers.

It was curious when it was announced that he will be singing raga Kalyani. He sang Yaman of Hindusthani, which is an equivalent of Kalyani of Karnatak music.
The vilambith was followed by a bandish and dhruth. ‘Eriyali piyabina sakhi’, the popular Khyal attracted the music lovers.

Sriram Bhat and Trilochan kampli gave a good support to the main artiste.

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