MCF to sell own pesticide brand soon

MCF to sell own pesticide brand soon

Speaking to media persons here on the sidelines of a function to celebrate the completion of 25 years of the Wartsila power plant at MCF factory premises, he said the MCF introduced crop protection pesticides in a small way just a few months ago.

Stating that the crop protection pesticide was launched in the rabi season, Anand said the turnover was around Rs 10 crore, but expected it to be three times in the next year.
He also said that the MCF, apart from producing organic and bio-fertilisers has also been producing speciality fertilisers for the last 5 to 6 years.

25 years

Earlier, speaking to media persons, Wartsila India Managing Director Rakesh Sarin said the Wartsila India’s power plant at MCF Limited has completed 25 years of successful and continuous operation.

Stating that power plant has eight ‘Wärtsilä 18V32’ engines with a total generation capacity of 48 MW, Sarin said that out of the eight engines, two engines have completed about 1.5 lakh running hours, three engines about 1.4 lakh hours and the remaining three engines about 1 lakh hours.

MCF Managing Director Deepak Anand said the Wartsila power plant was commissioned in 1985 to overcome the frequent interruptions in power supply, which were causing equipment failure and wastage of energy during shut-down and start-up of the plant within the factory.

“We are very happy that our power plant has completed 25 years of operations producing so far 5.3 billion units of electricity and believe that we will achieve greater milestones in the future through our long-standing partnership with Wartsila,” he said.