Snuggle up with creepy stories and treasures

Snuggle up with creepy stories and treasures

Snuggle up with creepy stories and treasures

It was actually written by her in Bengali, and has been translated by her granddaughter into English. It has two parts - 'The Burmese Box' and 'Goopy's Secret Diary'. Goopy is an eleven year old boy who's always thinking of food (like a lot of us).

Both the stories involve Goopy and his numerous uncles and aunts (some of whom are crooks) and lost treasure.

In 'The Burmese Box', a treasure chest filled with jewels has eluded Goopy's family ever since an old aunt (who knew where it was) died just before revealing the secret. Hordes of family members have looked in every possible hiding place for the box, in vain, to claim the valuables for themselves. Goopy feels that he has what it takes to find it…never mind his irritating and dramatic Panchu Mama and all the other curious relatives…

'Goopy's Secret Diary' is much longer than 'The Burmese Box' and involves Goopy and three of his relatives going on a 'road trip'. Actually, both his uncles and his grandmother are running away from Calcutta before they get caught….but for what, you may ask? All three of them have committed three separate crimes and are on the run…but to add to their problems they get stuck with a stolen pearl-and-diamond necklace and get lost in a forest at night…. what a combination! They then stumble upon a crumbling mansion inhabited by a strange old lady and take refuge for the night.

The next morning , they are left with another pearl necklace, this time with a sapphire! Where were the necklaces coming from? Why was the old lady grumpy at first and then suddenly turn hospitable and welcoming? Add to that the suspicious carnivorous cow and you have an Indian thriller! I enjoyed the book quite a bit, but be prepared to be a bit confused towards the end. There are many things going on at the same time, and a lot of suspects for the crime. But mystery-lovers will enjoy the number of things that have gone missing at different times.

Name of the Book: The Burmese Box - Two Novellas
Author : Lila Majumdar, Translated by Srilata Banerjee
Publisher : Penguin Books
Price: Rs. 199/- Age Group: 10+

Are you someone who likes reading creepy stories and then double-checking the locks on all the doors at home? This book is made for you! 'Bad Moon Rising' is a collection of mystery stories written by Indian writers (yay!). There is one by Satyajit Ray, one by Poile Sengupta and lots more.

In many of the stories the cases are cleverly solved by none other than the kids….leaving the adults totally dumbstruck (awesome, isn't it?). There's one, 'The Graveyard Grouse' by Sonja Chandrachud which includes creepy vampires, composing music.

'Bipin Chowdhury's Lapse of Memory' by Satyajit Ray is a clever trick played by someone in need. 'Beware…Hello!' by Deepa Agarwal makes your skin crawl with how true it is and how easily we can be tricked….and the list goes on.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, because the stories are short, so you can put the book down after a while and go finish your homework.  The stories are also very different from each other, so it keeps you really interested. It also makes you proud to be reading Indian mystery stories, with Indian characters that you can relate to!

Name of the Book : Bad Moon Rising
Publisher : Penguin Books
Price: Rs. 199/-
Age Group : 10+
Ahalya Mandana

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