Enjoying the extra sleep!

Enjoying the extra sleep!

Morning Blues

The rising sun, chirping birds, cool breeze, blooming flowers...sounds interesting. But, how many of us really wake up early in the morning to witness this scenario?

For many, the idea of waking up early itself bogs them down.  Moreover, when it’s winter, people just want to relax under thick layers of blankets for a longer time.

Whether we wake up in the morning or not, everyone has the habit of setting the alarm. But only a few are punctual enough to get up when it rings.

“I set the alarm everyday. The moment it rings, I press the snooze button, so that I can sleep for some more time. I always set the alarm 15 minutes before the time I want to wake up,” says Faiza Begum, a PUC student.

She adds, “Getting up hearing my favourite songs makes me fresh. I wake up with a big smile.”

Uma C K, an engineering student, says that she gets irritated by the alarm sometimes. “When the alarm start ringing, the first thing I do is  turn it off. I don’t like any kind of disturbance when everything is so quiet and peaceful. As I am too sleepy at that time, I go back to sleep for a little longer,” she laughs.

“I don’t hear the ring tone even if it is my favourite song or just a jingle. I usually set the alarm five to ten minutes before I have to wake up as it takes time to convince myself to get up,” she says. But there are many whose sleep is not disturbed by anything. However, Manoj, a professional, says that he feels lazy to get up early in the morning.

“Right now, I am working in the first shift, which starts at six in the morning. I have to wake up early although it’s very difficult for me to convince myself and do so. In order to compensate, I sleep as much as possible during weekends. Even a big bang won’t disturb my sleep on Saturday and Sundays. There are many instances when my cell phone ran out of charge due to the repeated ringing of the alarm,” he laughs.

People like Sharan have never tried to enjoy the beauty of an early morning.  “Since my school days, I have the habit of remaining awake till midnight either for studies or for work. So I get up late the next day. Though I tried to get up early by setting the alarm, both my body and mind don’t let me,’’ he quips.

While joining work, he made sure that the timing were convenient for him.  “I am very happy with my office timings as that doesn’t disturb my lifestyle much. I can start work by 12.30 pm, which is very comfortable for me. Alarms, especially in the morning, are not my cup of tea,” he admits.

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