'Leave me alone!'

'Leave me alone!'

relaxing It is necessary to find sometime for oneself.

The word ‘alone’ is not always seen in a positive light as it is reminiscent of being lonely. But is it actually so? Spending time with yourself when you are out is considered to be boring by many. But some people take pleasure in their own company. Watching a movie, enjoying a casual lunch or just roaming around can be quite entertaining many a time. These also prove to be helpful when one’s friends are busy. Metrolife talks to people in the City to find out their views on this sense of solitude and asks them about the activities that can be enjoyed without company.

People have a variety of reasons to be in their own company, though many find it difficult. “Even though most people think spending time alone is stupid, I really love it. It is so good to be in your own company because it gives you time to introspect and know yourself. Believe it or not, the toughest question to ask oneself is ‘who am I?’ and spending time alone could help you find the answer,” says Sudhin, a student.

But it doesn’t always have to be a serious reason that requires such time. “I like spending time alone. I read, play on my X-box kinect and also watch a movie alone quite often. I don’t care if people think it’s stupid. I think everyone is just too connected nowadays and it’s good to go off the grid once in a while. It’s peaceful and there is no time schedule and you can go at your own pace,” says Nikhil, a marketing professional.

Convenience is one big plus point of going out alone. “Making plans is a pain especially if there are a lot of friends. And then all of them have their own taste. It’s just so much easier to decide on something and do it alone,” says Rashmi, a student.

Many just enjoy the space. “I love going for a bike ride on my own. I never miss anyone as long as I have a clear road and a great weather,” says Aditya, a professional. “You can spend time alone only if you are comfortable with yourself. And there is so much to do outside. Walk around, shop, read a book with a cup of coffee or just drive around finding new places,” says Neha, an IT professional. “On a lighter note, if you are alone, you would probably enjoy your movie and dinner a little more as they will have your undivided attention,” says Aditya.