Panel for law to prevent atrocities

Panel for law to prevent atrocities

The commission, in its final report submitted to the State government, has recommended that the scope of the Indian Penal Code be enlarged so that those convicted under the proposed law get stringent sentences.

Besides, they should not be granted bail or the right to appeal and should be disqualified from contesting elections, the panel has said.

The Commission has submitted 21 recommendations, making it obligatory on the part of the government to ensure protection to all religions and their institutions in the State.

The Commission has suggested that the government constitute a ‘Commission of Religions’ with statutory powers, comprising representatives of all religions through their religious heads to ensure freedom of religion.

The government could conduct a special census of religions and their institutions and maintain a record to ensure protection and privileges to genuine members of religious minority.

Besides, the district administration at all levels should be made liable for violations in any form and extent.

A common modality should be framed and adopted for all the district administration to deal with all situations of religious matters uniformly, impartially, effectively and speedily, the panel has said.

On the enforcement side, the panel has recommended that the intelligence wing of the government in every district should have trained personnel and infrastructure, especially to deal with religious conflicts.

Also, an exclusive police station for religious matters should be constituted in each district with special powers to function effectively  without interference from the government.

Also in report

Other major recommendations are:

*  Early payment of compensation for damage to property/ injured victims
*  Ban on entry of police into religious places
*  Implementation of Commission recommendations within six months

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