'Panel members sought bribe'

'Panel members sought bribe'

Surprisingly, Chairman S H Padmaraj and members Manjula Devi, Sarala, Chandrashekhar and Chandra didn’t deny the charges and chose to keep mum, when Managing Director of Garuda Builders, Uday Garudachar, said he would lodge complaints with the Lokayukta and the police in this regard.

‘Pittance as tax’

The Standing Committee inspected Garuda Mall on Saturday morning. After the inspection, member R Prakash told reporters that Garuda Mall transacted business worth crores of rupees everyday. But the Palike was paid a mere Rs 35 lakh per month, less than what it earned as parking fees.

He said, “The mall complex belongs to BBMP, but there is no mention of it. They are using Palike’s property as their own.” Chairman Padmaraj then told reporters they had no information about the arrangement the State government had with the mall and they were being denied access to records.

“The Palike is receiving a meagre Rs 1.05 crore every three months from the mall. This will be discussed with the minister and a proposal put forth before the BBMP council (to increase the rent),” he stated.
Even as the Committee members were preparing to leave the premises, Garudachar arrived at the spot and began accusing them of demanding bribe.