Thieves raid bank, leave cash untouched

Thieves raid bank, leave cash untouched

Unusual heist

However, in what appears like an unusual case, thieves who have broken into the branch of a bank have left the cash untouched.

Thieves cut the iron grills and entered the strong room of a bank in Maal, about 40 km from here. However, instead of running away with the booty, they had burnt hundreds of loan documents and took away close circuit cameras, to the surprise of bank officials and police.

The incident came to light on Sunday morning when a sweeper who reached the bank found the iron grills of the windows cut and smoke billowing from inside.

Though relieved to find the cash intact, officials of the bank were shocked to realise several documents bearing details of money being lent have been burnt.

Police suspect that the break-in could have been the work of someone who had taken loan from the bank and wanted to destroy the documents to escape repayment.

Sniffer dogs unleashed to find the trail of the thieves led to the arrest of four persons, some of whom had grocery shops opposite the bank.

Police also suspect the involvement of the bank staff, as it would have been difficult for outsiders to locate the loan documents.