Combating piracy top priority: Antony

Combating piracy top priority: Antony

"Almost all major navies are operating in the Gulf of Eden. Pirates have also changed their tactics," he said on the sidelines of a function here.

"They have found that in Gulf of Eden large number of navies are operating. They found it difficult...(to carry out) all kinds of pirate operations. So they are now also expanding....pushing too far to other areas.

"Now since last year, there has been a series of incidents of pirate activities, 14 of them in this area. After this, Indian coast Guard and Navy took a decision to strengthen their presence in the area near Lakshadweep," he said, leading to defeat of two serious attempts by pirates.

He said efforts would be made to deploy more assets and concentrate on areas near Lakshwadweeep.

Besides Somali pirates, there might be some other agents, source or force helping the pirates, the minister said.

"This is also a worry for us. We will go to the root of it. Combating pirates is one of the top most priorities of the Indian Navy and Coast Guard," Antony said.