Seer urges govt to close down UPCL

Seer urges govt to close down UPCL

Vishveshatheertha Swamy

The seer stated in a press release that people in the region should unite to fight against the attack on environment in the coastal region.

 “The government should stop the operations of the power project until they introduce modern technology to dispose the waste scientifically,” he demanded.

“It is not possible to keep quiet and tolerate attacks on environment in coastal region,” he said and called upon people to oppose unanimously against the move.

It has been reported in the media that the Nandikur and nearby regions were polluted due to the thermal power station of the Nagarjuna. Students are forced to walk by closing their mouth and nose. The atmosphere has been polluted due to the fly ash, he said and alleged that the industrialists, who promised clean environment, have cheated the people and the people’s representatives are mum over the issue.

“Let the company hand over the project if they fail to check pollution. Let the government think of opening any other project, which does not pollute the environment,” the seer demanded and warned that he will join hands with the people to oppose the project.