Eyeing designer goods, rich Brit girls go shoplifting

Eyeing designer goods, rich Brit girls go shoplifting

Just for kicks

Eyeing designer goods, rich Brit girls go shoplifting

 According to the British Retail Consortium, official figures show that the number of girls aged ten to 13 cautioned for shoplifting has increased more than three-fold since 1997—to more than 3,000.

 And the number of girls aged 14 to 16 cautioned for shoplifting has more than doubled in the same period, to more than 7,000, and that two-thirds of these girls are from affluent families, compared with one-third in 2005.

The value of goods stolen from shops hit a record high last year, estimated at £137 million, with the average value of goods per incident going up to £70, from £45 the previous year.
Experts believe this is due to a surge in affluent young female shoplifters with costly designer items on their “shopping list”.

Crisis Counselling for Alleged Shoplifters has been inundated with calls from worried parents of girls.

“A typical shoplifter used to be a drug addict. Now it’s girls from well-off families.
“Many of these are doing it for kicks,” the Daily Mail quoted founder Harry Kauffer as saying.
“Today’s youngsters are often spoilt and arrogant and think they can get away with anything. Also, along with a surge in divorces, many do it as a cry for attention.

“And young girls are now more materialistic. They want to emulate celebrities and wear fashionable clothes and make-up. Few parents give enough pocket money to afford such things,” he said.