Right for any occasion

Right for any occasion

Dream Designs

PRECIOUS From Viviana Collection.

Embellished with Indo-European influences, they are classic designs fused with contemporary styling.

Shilpa, Chief Designer, Viviana Collection says, “The idea for this collection was born from our observation that these days one can effortlessly mix Indian and Western attire. So we wanted to design a collection that effortlessly and graciously matches both Indian and Western attire.”

This collection has been conceived, designed, created and perfected in-house at Bhima by a team of highly skilled designers.

The collection has been chiselled by old-world craftsmanship and consists of beautiful sets, bracelets, ear rings, rings and more. What makes this collection truly unique is that no two pieces of jewellery in this collection are alike. Bhima’s team of designers have made sure that the detailing in each piece of jewellery is unique and different.

Each and every diamond used in this collection has been handpicked. Giving a neo-classic European touch, are precious stones like emeralds, golden topaz, ruby, rubelite, tourmaline, peridot, rhodolite among others.

The Viviana Collection features the unique Changeable Stones range. Shilpa adds, “It’s important to get the co-ordination right. By just changing the precious stone from golden topaz to emerald, one can be easily dressed for the occasion.”

It has taken Bhima over six months to conceive and craft this exclusive collection. The fine detailing, that is so apparent, is the result of this. Shilpa says, “It has taken us close to a month to perfect each piece of jewellery in the Viviana Collection from design to
finish. We wanted to make sure that at every stage, the jewellery looked classic as well as chic.’’

Shilpa says, “We also custom-make diamond jewellery. Our designers work closely with the customer to design his or her dream design. We are sensitive to the nuances of jewellery design and a customer’s unique requirements. At every stage, our customer has the privilege of having complete information about the jewellery.’’ The Viviana Collection is on display at the Bhima Showroom in Koramangala. For details, call 25537762-5.