Burning the dance floor

Burning the dance floor

spinning DJ Funkagenda

English DJ and producer Funkagenda recreated the Sunburn experience with a set rated as the best set of the festival, bringing back memories of Asia’s biggest musical extravaganza, held in Goa every December.

The five-city tour, designed for those wanting to experience Asia’s premier dance music festival, hit the cities of Pune and Chennai before engulfing Bangalore.  The tour is headed to Goa followed by Mumbai.

The evening began with performances from Nikhil Chinappa and Rohit Barker. The audience was highly informed and mainly included DJs who take their music very seriously.

Sujay, a regular at the party circuit said, “The place also plays a big role in how much you enjoy the music. You usually like this kind of music if the place is close to nature. Pebbles, with its under-the-banyan-tree setup, is perfect.

It is quite a challenge for the DJ to play in an outdoor setup, as the audience will reject you out right if they don’t like your music.”

DJ Anish said, “My real interest is Funkagenda. I have come here just to listen to him.”  The audience also saw people who were a part of Sunburn, Goa. Rubeena Bawa, a student, who was present with a bunch of eight to ten friends, said, “I love this music. It makes me want to dance and I am completely myself when I listen to it. I was also there at Sunburn, Goa and wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

Other regulars at the event were Pavan Reddy and Sandeep Pai.   “We go to Sunburn, Goa every year. We were there this year too and now we are at the Hangover Tour! We love the track Past Dreaming by Funkagenda, Sultan and Ned Shepard.”

Funkagenda did not disappoint his fans and set the dance floor on fire with some out-of-this-world house music. The only bummer at the event was the arrival of cops much before the scheduled deadline that left many in the audience miffed with the stringent 11.30 pm deadline in the City.