Contaminated water supplied in Shivajinagar

Contaminated water supplied in Shivajinagar

Residents and commercial establishments on Bowring Hospital - Central Street area in Shivajinagar had to endure two days of water supply contaminated with sewage.
The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) said the problem was set right on Thursday.

For two days, the residents suffered because a sewage pipeline broke open close to a damaged water pipe line, leading to the contamination.

Suresh, a hotelier on the Hospital road, said that the residents had been getting the pungent,  contaminated water for the past four days. But by Thursday morning, the problem had aggravated.

Recalled Suresh, “We had to struggle for drinking water and went elsewhere for bathing. Customers were aware about the contaminated water supply and that did affect our business too.”

However, a complaint was registered on Wednesday evening, following which the BWSSB attended to the problem and fixed the pipelines.

BWSSB Assistant Executive Engineer, Satish had this to say: “Contamination of water happened because of damaged pipelines that were found at a house on Lady Curzon Road.”