Learning from his past mistakes

Learning from his past mistakes

Promising director

Learning from his past mistakes

Currently, busy promoting the film in every possible way, Harish says that this time round he is making sure that he leaves no stone unturned as far as promotion is concerned.

“Promotions have become such a huge part of movie making. No matter how good a film is, if it’s not promoted well then it will not bring people to the movie halls,” says Harish, who is making a comeback into direction after a year.

The film, Harish says, has an original story which every youngster must watch. The movie may seem like a thriller but one shouldn’t get misled by its title.  “The reason I used that title Gun was because it plays an important role in the protagonist’s life. He reacts very differently when he sees a gun,” he says.

Though Harish’s previous film, Kalakaar, didn’t do well at the box-office, it definitely showcased him as a promising director. And now with Gun, Harish realises the pressures and the expectations that people might have from him.

“I learnt a lot while making Kalakaar. So when I started shooting for Gun I made sure that I didn’t repeat my mistakes and also brought in some changes in my approach towards the subject,” he says.

He roped in many talented actors and technicians. “Each one of them has contributed tremendously. Getting top technicians and crew was difficult but this was made possible by  my producer K Murli who gave me the confidence and the boost to rope them in. They made my job easy and I felt like a newcomer who had the perfect launch pad,” says Harish.

When asked if he would take another break after Gun, Harish says, “The story for me is the bible. If I get good original stories, I will surely direct again. I am looking forward to directing an action film next. I will not be acting in all the films I direct. There are so many talented actors in the film industry whom I would love to direct.”

So who are his best actors? “My dream is to direct Ananth Nag and Rani Mukherjee, and amongst my contemporaries, without question it would be Sudeep,” he signs off.