Cremating body is her livelihood!

Cremating body is her livelihood!

Bhagyamma cremating a body at the crematorium in Chikmagalur. DH PHOTO

However, Bhagyamma took it as a challenge and made cremating the dead a source of her livelihood.

Bhagyamma’s husband Manjegowda was looking after the crematorium and was cremating the dead for the last nine years. However, when Manjegowda fell ill recently, the situation in the life in Manjegowda family worsened. Bhagyamma did not think twice when the only breadwinner in her house fell ill.

She took the job which her husband was doing and started cremating the bodies at the crematorium.

Bhagyamma, who along with children shifted to the crematorium and started working without taking people’s comments seriously. Within two years she has cremated nearly 1,800 bodies.

It is common that no one will bother to keep the crematoriums clean, but in this crematoriaum one can not find plastic, paper or any other garbage. She has converted the atmosphere of the crematorium by setting up a garden inside it.

“I did not want to depend on others and hence I took up my husband’s job. I am satisfied with this job,” Bhagyamma says.

“We should have dedication towards our work. We should work to please the God. I was little scared to work earlier, but I am confident now,” says Bhagyamma, who also cuts firewood logs at the crematorium.