Organic Mission lacks transparency: MLA

Organic Mission lacks transparency: MLA

T B Jayachandra poses a question in the Assembly.

Participating in the discussion on the budget proposals 2011-12 in the Legislative Assembly, Jayachandra said that the disbursement of funds by the Organic Farming Mission to those entitled to it lacked transparency and accountability.

“Every year more than Rs 100 crore is allotted to the Mission, which are allegedly disbursed to BJP workers. An independent inquiry will clarify doubts,” Jayachandra said.

The finance department had cleared budgetary allocation to the Mission without seeking an audit and performance report, he added.

Jayachandra also sought at least Rs 200 crore for the “Bhoo chetana scheme” a State government-funded project for watershed and soil enrichment initiative in rain-fed areas. The present allocation of Rs 40 crore is grossly insufficient to implement the scheme across the State, he pointed out.

Shivalinge Gowda of the JD(S) alleged the State government initiative of providing farm loans at three per cent interest was grossly misused by middlemen, who procured loans in connivance with officials and in turn lent the money to poor farmers at exorbitant rate of interest.

He said Suvarna Bhoomi Yojane, which aims to benefit 10 lakh families of farmers by providing financial help to improve agricultural productivity, had a technical flaw. The scheme is to be implemented in dry land region, but the crops identified for the scheme are mainly grown in rain-fed areas, he said.