When scoring goes wrong...

When scoring goes wrong...


WORRIED After all the hard work, students feel let down by the marks scam.

Vishweshwaraiah Technological University (VTU) was recently under the scanner because of marks scam.

The marks of around 800 students were allegedly internally manipulated to help them pass.

VTU has over 180 affiliated colleges. Engineering students under VTU can apply for revaluation if they are not satisfied by the marks secured by them.

The revaluation costs Rs 400 per paper and Rs 300 is reimbursed if the student secures more than 15 marks.

However, if the student is still not satisfied with the change in marks, then he or she can apply for a challenge revaluation which costs Rs 5,000 per paper.

If the student gets more then 15 marks, Rs 3,000 is reimbursed.

Results of challenge revaluation for the July 2010 batch of third, fourth, fifth and sixth semester BE students are alleged to have discrepancies.

Metrolife asked students of engineering and those who have passed out from this university on what they thought of these allegations.

Prathap Kumar, a final year electrical student says, “I was very surprised when I heard about the scam. In my experience, evaluation has always been fair. From my first to seventh semesters, I have always scored whatever I have expected.”

Agreeing with Prathap was Harish M K, who passed out in 2007. Says Harish, “I feel VTU played a very important role in charting the syllabi , which were not outdated.

It is not easy to manage so many engineering colleges under it, all at once. It did a great job, with timely results and well-organised examinations. The allegations shock me as VTU never compromised with the interests of the students.”

However, there were many others like Hemanth G, a third year engineering student, who says that discrepancies in marks are a common thing in an engineering student’s life.

 “Most engineering students feel that their marks are manipulated. Though what is ironic is there is no follow-up on it. As students, we have the right to know about the scenario. At least twice, I have had 10-12 marks added to my original marks after the revaluation. I also applied for challenge re-valuation once and was awarded no extra marks. However, I am sure I deserved extra marks.”

Mandeep Singh Bhatia, a student who passed out in 2010, had more serious

“During my engineering days, there were a few guys who claimed that by paying the middlemen, you could get your marks altered. Though I never indulged in it, it is a very common practice and I am sure it happens even today.”