Docs perform rare spine surgery

Docs perform rare spine surgery

A team of doctors comprising Dr Maqsood Ahmed, Head of Neurosurgery, Dr Satish H V, plastic surgeon and Director, Dr Keshav Raichurkar, Head of Radiology department, consultant Anesthesiologist Dr Gururaj operated on N Ninge Gowda (60), a native of Hassan and successfully removed the tumour which had near paralysed him for the past three years.

Addressing a news conference, Dr Maqsood said the patient arrived to Vikram Jeev with a complaint that he was not able to walk without support for the past three years. The muscles in his lef had lost elasticity and he had lost sensation. “We suspected a problem in the spinal cord and hence an MRI was done on the patient. The MRI showed a tumour inside the spinal cord,” he said.


According to Dr Maqsood, it was a rare and difficult case to operate and remove the tumour. However, the technology available with the Vikram Hospital and the team of best doctors enabled the team to go ahead with the operation. “It was a surgical challenge. There can be hardly 50-60 such cases operated worldwide.

 The spinal cord is a structure full of fine nerves that transmit signals to and fro between brain and all other parts of the body. A small injury to any nerve can hamper day-to-day activities.

However, the patient showed courage to undergo the surgery as he was unable to lead a normal life,” he said.

During the six hour operation on Feb 2, the bones covering the spinal cord were opened.
The tumour which was located deep within the cord was removed by adapting intra-operation ultrasound. Presently, the patient has showed lot of improvement and can walk on his own, Dr Maqsood added.

Dr Satsh, Dr Gururaj and others were present.