Coffee machine fair on March 14

Coffee machine fair on March 14

Oilo Mack machine which clears the weeds.

At a time when the coffee growers are facing problems like shortage of labourers and low yield, the usage of coffee machines for the plantation works is said to be the only alternative method to save the growers.

With the same intention the Coffee Board has organised the fair so that the coffee growers can live the sigh of relief at least to some extent.

Various machines that help in the coffee plantation works like coffee reaping machine, coffee drier, weed removing machine, sprayer, mini power tiller, coffee transporting machine, coffee beans stripper machine etc are all set to attract the attention of the coffee growers in the machine exhibition.

With many coffee growers in the district who have been utilising these machines in their workplace, they can get a platform to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the machines with the non-users. It would also provide a platform for the machine manufacturers and sellers to introduce the modern machines to the coffee growers. There is a need to provide an atmosphere where the small and medium level coffee growers can employ the machines for work on experimental basis, said Coffee Board Former Vice-president Dr Sannuvenda Kaverappa.

“Most of the coffee growers in Kodagu own plantation land less than 25 acres. The small growers dry the coffee beans on the floor which is not as per the standards. The main objective of the fair is to make these growers to get exposed to the modern machineries which support scientific plantation and post plucking works,” he informed.