KSOU confers five with honorary D Litt

KSOU confers five with honorary D Litt

From right: Dr Manjunath, Prof C Rajkumar, Prof Goverdhan Mehta, journalist S R Ramaswamy receive honorary D Litt at the 11th annual convocation of KSOU in Mysore, on Monday. KSOU Vice Chancellor K S Rangappa, Chancellor H R Bhardwaj and Member of the Planning Commission Narendra Jadhav are seen. DH Photo

Chancellor and Governor H R Bhardwaj awarded the doctoral degrees.

While noted scientist and Chairman of Prime Minister’s Scientific Advisory Council Prof C N R Rao was awarded the D Litt in absentia. Famous researcher Prof Goverdhan Mehta, Director of Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research Dr C N Manjunath, Member of National Legal Knowledge Council and consultant, National Human Rights Commission Prof C Raj Kumar and Chief Editor of Rashtrotthana Sahitya S R Ramaswamy received the doctorates in person.

The education sector is expanding. However, the key concern is the quality of education imparted to students and their employability. At present, less than 20 to 25 per cent of our graduates are employable. This trend is worrisome and hints at systemic deficiency. Our universities must acknowledge this grim reality and usher in major reforms in the academic area, said Goverdhan Mehta in his acceptance speech.

Dr C N Manjunath asked students to develop humility and culture while pursuing knowledge.

C Rajkumar stressed the importance of research and said universities should herald new thinking and stimulate innovation.