At BBP, lioness dies of illness

At BBP, lioness dies of illness

Lioness Meera.

The lioness died of respiratory dysfunction and pyrometra (disease of the uterus) at the rescue centre on Sunday night. Meera had not consumed any food for the past seven days and was not responding to any treatment.

Preliminary post mortem report revealed the cause of death was due to acute pneumonia, calcification of the lung and multi organ failure. Visceral organs and other body parts of the animal will be sent to Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals (IAH&VB) for further investigation.

The lioness was rescued from the Komal Circus, Faridabad, Haryana on July 07, 2001 and was brought to the BBP Rescue Centre.

A recent report submitted by the Minister for Forest and Environment C H Vijayashankar in the Assembly stated that nearly 75 animals have died in 2010 including nine tigers, 11 lions (excluding Meera) three leopards. BBP officials say that the rescue centre animals have lived beyond their biological age and are dying due to old-age. 

The minister has promised to establish a comprehensive veterinary hospital inside the BBP premises to take care of the animals.

However, at present there is a single wildlife vet working along with a newly-appointed vet with no experience in handling wildlife.