Quitting films, Ramya tweets

Quitting films, Ramya tweets

Quitting films, Ramya tweets

She is popular as Divya Spandana in Tamil film industry. She’s always stood up for what she believes is ‘right’ and is known for her ‘dramatics’. And Ramya has always been in the news for both good and not so good reasons as well.   There are people who admire her and those who’ve had their share of misunderstandings with her. Nevertheless, she still remains a popular face in the film industry. 

Ramya’s latest clash with producer Ganesh during the promotional event of her Kannada film Dhandam Dhashagunam may have provoked her  to quit the industry. The latest is that Ramya kept Ganesh and the team waiting and didn’t answer any calls or
bothered to revert.    

Metrolife spoke to Ramya's co-stars to know how they felt about their colleague’s decision to quit. Metrolife’s attempts to contact Ramya went in vain.

Prakash Raj:  “Why should people dwell on such frivolous stuff (Ramya quitting) when there are more important things happening across the world.”   

Jiiva: “It’s unfortunate that Ramya has chosen to quit the industry. There are very few actresses from the Kannada industry to move to Tamil film industry. But I must add that nobody can match her acting skills both on and off screen.”

Chiranjeevi Sarja:  “Her statement did come as a surprise to me. She’s a senior actor and it would be wrong for me to say anything. When I got an opportunity to work as her co-star I wondered what she thought of me but then gradually we got along well and she came across as a nice person. It’s really her decision to stay or leave the industry.”

Srinagar Kitty: “From the day she has entered this field, Ramya has always been a very frank and outspoken person. I don’t know what made her take such a decision but I feel it is wrong on her part to make such statements, especially since the industry has given her so many movies.”

Rakshita: “We have always had our differences but we have reconciled as friends. Her statement did come as a surprise but at the end of the day she has taken this decision so she might have thought about it a lot.

‘I don’t wish to work anymore’

Ramya tweeted and said that she would like to interact only with her fans who have stood by her. “I wish to speak about it only with my fans. You have been with me through it all. You deserve the truth. Rest I don’t care. I’d like to thank the industry for the work they gave me,” tweeted Ramya on Wednesday. She talked about her voluntary retirement, “I don’t wish to work anymore cos I have no strength left in me to fight. My life span only got shorter. I am taking voluntary retirement from this industry. I will start afresh, and look ahead. A new life beckons (sic),” she expressed in her tweets.
About the rumours mills doing its rounds, Ramya tweeted, “This is today’s journalism. I’m quitting because I’m getting married?! Lol! I was on a world tour with a influential personality’s son and he proposed to me?! Hahahahaha! (sic).”