Preserving a banker's heirloom

Preserving a banker's heirloom

A visitor having a look at the numismatic collection in the museum in Udupi.

Corporation bank in its 106th year of inception has undertaken a novel venture of serving the nation with numerous deeds under the tag of ‘A heritage of service to the nation’. As part of its service, Corporation bank has opened up a heritage museum, numismatic and notaphily centre, a wonder of amazing reminiscence. It introduces one to the world that remained unexcavated.

Financial research centre, financial inclusion resource centre, financial literacy and credit counseling centers, commonwealth youth enterprise financial centre and centre for commonwealth initiatives are other informative detailed programmes that are launched as fraction of its new pathway in public service.

The two-tier 4683.5 sq ft (1836+2385.5+462) building houses heritage museum, numismatic, notaphily centre, library and mini-theater which is dedicated to the founder of the Corporation Bank Khan Bahadur Hazi Abdullah Hazi Khasim Saheb Bahadur. It has relics ensuring the nostalgic sensation of ethnicity. 
The museum has plenty of artifacts besides coins and currencies belonging to yester years. Besides, it is the view-finder that reveals the banking history in coastal Karnataka and the role of Corporation Bank and its founder in the path breaking journey.

Speaking to City Herald, Museum Curator Radhakrishna Kumble informed there are varieties of coins and currencies belonging to ancient India. The coins are set in two blocks that include the coins belonging to 4th, 5th and 6th century BC to till date, he added.

The oldest coin that is displayed is as old as 2600 years. The coins include ancient Indian coinage, Indo-European coins, world size silver coins, East India company coins, British India coins, Roman coins, copper coins, punch marked coins and so on.

The coins displayed are mute witnesses of the financial transactions that was carried out in the period of Gautama Buddha, Mauryas, Kanishkas, Satavahanas, Khushanas, Western Kshatraps, Kadambas, Kuras, Youdheyas and many other dynasties that has left incredible mark in the cultural and historical legacy of India.

Corporation Bank Udupi Branch DGM C K Gopal informed that the bank has used the 106-year-old building belonging to the founder where he laid foundation for his banking ideas. Our main objective is to provide informative knowledge on banking activities to our customers as well as to the public, he added.

The structure still withstands the good old memories with the blocks and overlays that once upon a time used to be the home for banking service. Public can now avail exclusive information on various financial amenities offered by Corporation bank besides getting immersed in the nostalgic strokes of affluent chronicles of the ancient Indian coinage tradition.