Hectic efforts on to save AIADMK alliance

Hectic efforts on to save AIADMK alliance

 Major constituents of the AIADMK front — the CPM, the CPI, the DMDK and the MDMK — virtually raised the banner of revolt after what they termed Jayalalitha "unilaterally" announcing the list of 160 of her party candidates. Though the number of seats for each of the allies have been agreed upon except the MDMK led by Vaiko, identification of constituencies has proved a pain.

The seats allocated include 41 for the actor Vijayakant founded DMDK, 12 for the CPM and 10 for the CPI among others.

The issue took a serious turn on Thursday when the Left parties along with some of the smaller allies, including the Dalit outfit Puthiya Tamizhagam,  urged Vijayakant to form a third front.

The reasons for their belligerence were two-fold: Several constituencies announced for AIADMK candidates overlapped with the wishlists submitted by each of its allies.

State CPM and CPI leaders also made it a “self-respect issue” as “Amma”had announced her party list even as talks were on with second-rung AIADMK functionaries.

At some places, angry cadres of the DMDK and the MDMK even burnt effigies of Jayalalitha, alleging that the latter was not keen on taking all her allies on board. But MDMK leader Vaiko promptly on Friday doused attempts to burn Jayalalitha's effigies which he said was an uncivil act and urged his cadres not to fall a prey to certain forces out to malign the MDMK. Vijayakant also sought time to respond to the new situation.

As things looked to get out of control, AIADMK functionaries recommenced negotiations with their allies on Friday, followed by Jayalalitha herself talking to leaders of partner parties. Some interlocutors also sought to impess upon the leaders to keep the alliance in tact if the objective was to defeat the DMK-led front.