'I won't push hard to get to the top'

'I won't push hard to get to the top'

No Hurry

'I won't push hard to get to the top'

All set : Pia Trivedi

Someone then told her she should be a VJ. The introvert in Piya was shocked. “I am an introvert and I can’t really let it go like the VJs do. But I still tried it and succeeded. Then films came along and now I am enjoying so much that I realise that I should have got into it long back,” Pia says. “You’re pampered in the film industry whereas in modelling you have to carry your own bags and cry for food and water. Here, everything comes on a platter,” she says.

Pia has had her share of fame on the ramp. Now she’s plunged into films and is keen on giving it her best. “There are so many different characters you get to do and if you’re open to just about any role, then the opportunities are endless,” she observes.

Open to doing just about any role sounds like a dangerous proposition? “I meant everything  but within limits. It depends on how you want to project yourself. Baring all is not what I meant. I am alright with baring skin as long as it doesn’t cross limits,” she clarifies. 

She feels newbies in the film industry should learn how to choose roles in a mature way. “Fame and name might not come very fast but it’s better to take it slow and easy rather than rush in,” she says.

Pia says she’d love to do comedy more than anything else, “Well, I can laugh easily and I think I tend to take life a bit more lightly. Cheerful characters are close to my heart,” she says. Pia has signed a couple of films but she says she’s bound by a contract and cannot talk about any. She says she doesn’t want to rush into anything, “I am ready to face challenges but I’m not going to beat myself and push hard to get to the top,” she wraps up.