Deadline so near, promises yet so far

Deadline so near, promises yet so far

The CSR, who, according to BMRCL, is expected to inspect the project sometime next week, bears the responsibility of certifying the project “safe” for commuters.

Although the primary responsibility will be that of certifying the train, the CSR will also be looking into all the other aspects of the project required to ascertain that “it will be a safe journey for the passengers.”

Speaking to Deccan Herald, BMRCL Chief Public Relations Officer B L Y Chavan said: “The CSR is expected to inspect the facilities sometime next week and the trials are going on at the desired pace. The train has completed over 1,000 km of trials,” he claimed. This would mean that the train has to complete at least another 1,500 km of trial run in the one week that the BMRCL has at its disposal.

Officials may be claiming that this is a practical target to achieve. But the Corporation has other worries in the stations including the civil and the electrical works.

A lot needs to be done

The BMRCL is yet to install ticketing machines at the stations and all the stations on the stretch still have a lot of work to be done. The work has not even begun at the concourse site on the MG Road station, which would mean that many passengers alighting at the MG Road station will have to get out on one side of the road.

Also, the MG Road station complex, going by the artistic impression has a lot of facilities within, looks far from being completed. The status of other stations on the stretch is nothing but similar, leaving enough space for fears of the touted Namma Metro project missing another deadline. On whether it is realistic to continue to keep the same deadline pose as if the deadline can be met, Chavan said: “The stations will be ready with the ‘minimum facilities’ for the commuters.”