Losing its crowning glory

Losing its crowning glory

Concrete jungle

Alas! The green cover of Bangalore has drastically reduced over the last few years. DH photo

Among places where developmental activities are taking place, Indiranagar, Koramangala, HSR Layout, Defence Colony, Ulsoor and the surrounding areas are the most affected.

It was not long ago that Indiranagar had palatial two-storeyed-houses flanking the road. But now as one strolls down 100 Feet Road, uber-modern showrooms and coffee shops are all that catch the eye.

These speak of how much the City has transformed with many a commercial entity making its presence felt.

Voicing his grouse about this, Suraj, a working professional who has been living in Indiranagar for the past seven years says, “Recently, as I was walking down the streets, I realised that most places and gardens we used to frequent during our childhood days have gone. Instead, we find restaurants and shopping centres springing up in every nook and corner.” This has made the erstwhile residential colony now look like a pseudo-commercial property.

Though commercialisation serves as a yardstick for the growth and development of the City, most people find this a matter of concern as they have to pay a heavy price for it.

Mahadev, a member of the Residents Initiative for Safe Environment says, “There are a lot of residents who are selling their property and moving away as they are faced with problems of vehicle noises and clogging traffic. Sewage is also a major concern and many eateries do not comply with the norms laid down by the Government.

Though restaurants are supposed to get a health certificate, the authorities turn a blind eye compounding the problem of sanitation.”

Though this change seems like an unpalatable trend to some, A H Shetty of the We Care Foundation, located in Neelasandra, has a different viewpoint.

He opines, “As the City grows, there is hardly any place for people to move about. So something has to be done to cope with the demand. Residents don’t seem to have a problem with this as they can quote higher prices for their houses.” But he is quick to point out that Neelasandra has, over the past few months, become more overcrowded.

Bangalore, which was once known for its gardens, parks and places where one could go with family and friends, is definitely losing its charm.

Says Meghana, who recently relocated to Bangalore, “The City is now overcrowded with more and more people moving in. Keeping this in mind, it is undoubtedly essential to allow these changes to happen.” But looks like this comes at the cost of beautiful palatial houses that were once part of the grandeur of