Aloe Vera venture holds promise to Sonnawadi residents

Last Updated 28 March 2011, 18:14 IST
Aloe Vera venture holds promise  to Sonnawadi residents

The residents of Sonnawadi village near Mulbagal might have never realised that the locally grown Indian Aloe Vera (Kattale) will one day prove to be a source of living.

Potential discovered

But the neighbouring Tamil Nadu has realised the potentiality of this boon plant and has embarked upon a entrepreneurial venture. Perumal from Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu has established a cottage industry in Sonnawadi village.

Thanks to his foresightedness in reaping benefits from this plant, he has earned the credit of supporting several families who are now employed in his cottage industry.

New lease of life

A few families of Sonnawadi, who are economically backward, have now found a new lease of life, thanks to this cottage industry.

The origin of Indian Aloe Vera, that is Kattale, can be traced to the United States of America.

The plant has proved to be the backbone of farmers. The plant is indeed a boon to the farming community and has been extremely useful in various ways to the society.

Fencing in the farms

The plant can be used as fencing in the fields and farms. It plays a crucial role by arresting the flow of alluvial soil in the fields during heavy rainfall. They stand as guard to the sowed crops. It also has medicinal value and is also used in the preparation of several domestic items.

The dried Indian Aloe Vera is converted into ropes and can be used for bullock carts.

‘Process of treatment’

However, the processing of the Indian Aloe Vera is not an easy task.

Infact, Perumal had to use a technique to get these Indian Aloe Vera plants. In the pretext of trimming the fence by planting and growing the Indian Aloe Vera along the mango and other fields, he used to store the chopped and trimmed leftovers of the plant.

These plants are later dried and processed for various utilities. He has constructed a temporary shed near the farms and is actively engaged in this venture which has promised to bring hope to several families and also reap the benefits of the plant to the society.

(Published 28 March 2011, 18:13 IST)

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