Lack of basic amenities ails this hospital

Lack of basic amenities ails this hospital

The locked scanning room at the hospital. dh photo

As there are no proper facilities, the patients are forced to go to private hospitals.
The situation does not look like it is going to improve any time soon.

The 110-bed hospital does not have a scanning facility since several months.
The scanning machine which was repaired just a few months back at a cost of Rs 1.5 lakh is still not working. Hence, the scanning room is locked.

The situation here is so bad that we are forced to seek the services of the private hospitals, alleged the public.

Facilities not utilised

“Six months ago a few donors had donated a ECG machine. But this machine has not been used so far. If there is a power cut, then our problems multiply,” patients said.

Even though there is a generator, it is not being used. During night times there is mosquito menace and we cannot even sleep, they shared their problems.

When pregnant women come, they are advised to go to private hospitals. The government doctors themselves go to the private clinics and treat them there.

The doctors and the hospital staff do not hesitate to ask for money. Without money nothing moves and no facilities are available, allege the public.

The premises of the hospital is covered with mud and dust and it has not been tarred for years. Due to dust and mud, the asthma patients are suffering.

The chief of the hospital, doctors and staff should respond to the people’s problems, urged the public.