A blend of beats

A blend of beats

Soulful strains

Held under the title of ‘Aadhaara Fusion Dreams’, the concert was organised by Dhruva Foundation and Nele, a home for destitutes, as a fundraiser concert.

The winners of a national level vocal and violin competition were felicitated on the occasion.

The evening began with a performance by Jyotsna Srikanth on the electric violin. She is popular among Indian classical, Indian jazz and world fusion music circle for the last two decades and collaborates with musicians across the world for most of her concerts.

Talking about the programme and the music in particular, Srikanth Sharma, husband of Jyotsna Srikanth said that music not only consists of lyrics but the instruments form a strong part and make a big difference to the way the music is presented.

“Here in this performance, the music was accentuated by the various instruments used. The strumming of the guitar, the high-pitched violins and the accompanying bass make a lot of difference and heighten the performance. The percussion instruments add a surreal touch to the whole performance,” he added.  

The pieces that were performed were a perfect blend of Western and Carnatic beats. According to perceptions, this genre of music may not be as popular among the young people in the City but the crowd that gathered at the performance spoke volumes about how this form of music has caught on among the young.

The young and the old in the audience were seen enjoying the music.  Sharing his experience, Aradhana, a member of the audience said, “I have been learning Carnatic music for the last five years. I enjoy this kind of music, particularly the contemporary fusion that was performed today.”

Keerthi, another music lover said, “Indian classical music is slowly losing its popularity among the new generation but programmes like this will help draw appreciation towards this genre. It appeals to both the classical and Western music lovers.”

Jyotsna Srikanth was accompanied by Shadrach Solomon on the keyboards, Alwyn Fernandes as the lead guitarist, Rudy David on the bass guitar, Karthik Mani on drums while Prasanna added to the special percussion.