'Withdraw big currency notes from circulation'

'Withdraw big currency notes from circulation'

In a news conference here on Thursday, he said the circulation of big denomination currency and excess currency in the market had been the reason for increase in corruption and black money. The Centre should immediately withdraw the high denomination notes and also cut down the excess money in circulation in country, he said.

Ramdev said the Bharath Swabhimaan and Yoga Yathra had travelled more than 70,000 km so far, and would travel an additional one lakh kilometre across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and other states.

Along with creating awareness on physical, spiritual, mental and social well being through yoga and ayurveda, the Yathra would awaken people on corruption.
“People of this country will not allow any more loot of the country. Politicians will be made accountable,” he said.  

The Government should enact an act in the Parliament to seize the money in foreign banks. The Bharath Swabhimaan Yathra is working all across the country.
The Divya Yoga Trust has constituted committees in every village, even as one crore volunteers are working for the cause.

He dismissed allegations of Rs 200 crore bribery on him to conduct the campaign and said he would not reply to baseless allegations.

To a query on corruption charges on BJP Government in Karnataka, he said: “Corruption is corruption.

We don’t see the corruption with any party affiliation. All politicians are equal in corruption. The Trust has no affiliation to any party,” he said.

Ramdev added that he expects the Karnataka Government and the BJP acts tough to rein the corrupt.

State campaigns

The campaign will also spread to state-level corruption in all states in the country soon. The Governments should work for providing corruption-free stable government,” he said.
“The voters are ultimate to teach a lesson to corrupt politicians. And, the people will teach the people who amass public wealth. I have no intentions to fight any polls,” he clarified.