Preparing for the big test in advance

Preparing for the big test in advance


Effective: A tuition class in progress.

Though summer vacation is meant for fun, enjoyment and get-togethers, it’s not so for many students especially the ones entering second PUC in the coming academic year. These students are more focussed on their studies than merriment and most of them have taken up coaching classes for tough subjects so that they can excel in their final exams.

Be it coaching institutions or private tuition classes, all are abuzz with students. Some coaching centres have introduced entrance exams too to choose the best among those who enroll. “The demand for tuitions is ever-increasing and there is so much competition to get into reputed coaching centres. As technical courses are quite tough, only those who have an inclination and passion for these subjects can succeed in them. In order to identify such students, entrance tests are inevitable. These save unnecessary wastage of time for the faculty and money for the students,” reasons Dr H N Subramanyam, a faculty at a coaching institute.

Even students feel tuitions are necessary in order to excel in final exams. Vidyashri, a PUC student in RNS College, Vijayanagar, says that without coaching classes, it is difficult to score high marks. “The coaching classes during summer are useful as we can understand better when the lecturer teaches the same topic in college. I have scored 80 per cent in the first PUC and want to join the electronics course in RV College of Engineering. So I am hoping that these coaching classes help me achieve my goal,” she says.

According to Shriram, a student from Vijaya Composite College, tuition classes during summer vacation are beneficial. “In these classes, most portions are covered before the college even begins so when the lecturer teaches the same subject in class, it’s like revision. Hence, one can understand a topic better and a one-time read is sufficient,” he says.

Though he misses the fun and enjoyment that his counterparts are indulging in, he has no regrets. “‘Kuch pane keliye kuch khona padega’ (In order to gain something, you need to lose something),” he laughs.

There are some students who opt for private tuitions. Though these are not as organised as coaching institutes, some students prefer these for their flexible timings and the close bond that they share with their tutor. Shruthi Iyengar, a commerce student in Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women, is taking private tuition for Mathematics and Accountancy. “Tough subjects like Maths and Accountancy need extra effort which a tuition provides. In private tuition, we feel free to clear all our doubts. There is no hesitation as there are only a few students with most of them being our friends. As the timings are flexible, there is no question of bunking. Moreover, I can enjoy my holidays as the classes are just three hours a day,” she feels.

The extra effort and personal care taken by the faculty are the reasons for the ever-increasing demand for coaching centres. “Unlike colleges, we limit the batches to small numbers. We share a cordial relationship with students. Hence, they don’t hesitate to ask questions and clear their doubts. We prepare them for competitive and entrance exams which no college provides. Periodical mentoring, frequent tests and meeting with the parents help them not to deviate from their goal,” adds Subramanyam.