'We've no complaints'

'We've no complaints'


'We've no complaints'

Spirited: Despite the rain, RCB fans were seen rooting for the team. DH photo by Sanya Sood

The rain gods played spoilsport in the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals, slated in the City on Tuesday. But, the incessant rains didn’t stop people from heading to the stadium, hoping the match would go on. They didn’t leave the stadium, until the match was officially declared as ‘abandoned’ at 11 pm. 

Nothing was amiss, people were seen buying the team T-shirts, flags, accessories and even getting their faces painted — unmindful that the rains may spoil the show. They didn’t want to believe that the match wouldn’t happen. It was hope at its best.  Armed with placards screaming, ‘Rain, rain go away’ and ‘The show will go on’, people sat glued to their seats and helped themselves to plenty of food and beverages. Disappointment writ large on their faces but no one was heard or seen complaining, food and more food kept them occupied during the three-hour wait. They didn’t mind spending those few extra bucks. It was a party of sorts. Metrolife moved around to the different lounges in the stadium and got a peek into how people passed their time. 

It was non-stop partying in the VVIP lounges. The ‘rich and famous’ ate, drank and socialised to their heart’s content. Friends and their friends’ friends tagged along to make the best of free food and liquor. Chief Minister Yeddyurappa’s grandson Shashidhar, an engineering student at PESIT tagged along a bunch of his best buddies to the match.

They couldn’t contain their excitement. “We came here with high expectations but the rains spoilt it all. But we have no complaints. We’re having a good time. It’s a great ambience,” said Siddharth, one among the group. Ten kids, all class 12 students, came along with their classmate Santosh B M, son of the owner of Delhi Daredevils. “The IPL format is short and sweet. We have our board exams in a month’s time but we really don’t care. We’re here to have fun,” said Jai Malhotra.

The scene at the E-Executive was no different. There was no dearth of food and liquor. “We have been here for almost two hours and even a five-over match would  suffice,” said Mathew Jacobs, a professional. It was Australian Michele Hamdorf’s first IPL match. She was there to cheer Shane Warne.

“I had heard so much about IPL and the energy of the people out here, that I had to come and see it for myself. It is a pity that there was no match as I was really looking forward to seeing the cheerleaders,” she said.

PALS Anil Kumble, Shane Warne and Vijay Mallya.The mood was more upbeat at the P3 stands where people were seen buying lots of food and eating non stop. “My friends and I would have eaten for at least a Rs 1000 but we had a good time watching the crowd and waiting for the match. No complaints,” said Mohammed Saeed Ali, an MBA student of Presidency College. Rasik and Naseer shut shop early to catch the match in time. Armed with a flag, they each wore a head gear.

“We’re thoroughly disappointed that the match didn’t happen. Even the mix of players in the RCB isn’t impressive. There’s no Bangalore boy so where’s the connect?” they wondered. 

Law students Kriti and Samyuktha, chose to pass time at the stadium by chatting and eating. “We didn’t want to leave the stadium, until we heard an official confirmation from the organisers that the match was cancelled,” said Kriti. Samyuktha added, “I don’t blame the organisers because we have seen how hard they’re trying to start the match.”