BJP dissidents fail to put it across to Pradhan

BJP dissidents fail to put it across to Pradhan

BSYs presence in the meetings stymied plans to complain against him

Pradhan did not give scope for any discussion on the internal bickerings in the party. In all the meetings on Thursday and Friday with legislators and ministers, Yeddyurappa was very much present. Hence, there was no room for legislators to discuss about Yeddyurappa or his style of functioning. 

The dissidents had expected Pradhan to listen to complaints against the chief minister who is facing various charges including corruption and illegal public land allotments. But nothing other than problems related to Assembly and Parliamentary constituencies were discussed.

At the beginning of every meeting Pradhan held, the legislators were told to confine themselves to development issues and nothing more, said a few MLAs who did not wish to be named.

When mediapersons asked Pradhan whether there was any scope at the meeting for those finding fault with the functioning of Yeddyurappa to put across their point, he fumbled a bit. He said, “I am in charge of the party affairs in the State. I have to watch the developments, that’s it.”

He said the elected representatives spoke about problems related to drinking water, roads and health.

When reporters asked Eshwarappa whether differences had been sorted out, he did not reply. He said all legislators had aired their opinion to the chief minister and Pradhan.

Asked whether there was any dissidence in the party, Pradhan said if there was any it would be resolved in the party fora.

Much to Yeddyurappa's happiness, even dissident BJP leaders chanted his 'mantra of development,' as Pradhan concluded his meetings. Aravind Limbavali and C T Ravi, who are unhappy about not finding a berth in the cabinet, said there was no dissidence or demand for change in leadership.

Ravi said: “Party seniors want us to remain united. We will remain united.”

Rahul Gandhi

Pradhan lashed out at Rahul Gandhi for his comment of ‘most corrupt state’, saying it was the frustration of the Congress which made him comment like that.
He said Congress was facing various corruption charges. “The statement by Rahul Gandhi is an attempt to divert attention of the public from the trouble his party is facing,” he said.

Verbal duel

M Srinivas, MLA, Rajarajeshwari Nagar in Bangalore, and K S Eshwarappa had a verbal duel, when the legislator said the differences among the senior leaders has dented the party’s image. Eshwarappa, who was furious, asked the MLA to mind his own business, which led to verbal altercation.

Eshwarappa said the legislator should confine himself to only development issues and not politics. Srinivas continued to argue that there were no differences among the legislators, but only among senior party leaders. The two were pacified by Pradhan and Yeddyurappa.