Greens oppose felling of trees at Gangotri

Greens oppose felling of trees at Gangotri

ACICM Convener M Lakshmana discussing with the officials of University of Mysore regarding felling of trees at the campus in Mysore on Friday. dh photo

Acting on an information that the trees are being cut, M Lakshmana, convener of ACICM and District Congress Rural  Youth Unit President B J Vijaykumar rushed to the spot.

By that time, five trees were already cut under the supervision of the varsity authorities. Both Lakshmana and Vijaykumar  said they would not allow to cut other trees. This was followed by a wordy duel with the varsity officials. This created tension for sometime.

The officers claimed that they have sought permission from the Department of Forests to cut 160 trees of which five trees were cut in the morning.
Lakshman said the university wants to cut well-grown trees on 23 acres of land.

No information

The Chairman of Tree Authority and Mayor Sandesh Swamy claimed innocence,saying he did not have any prior information about cutting of trees.

“We will not allow any tree to be cut in the varsity premises further.
The UoM should drop the idea of axing the trees in the interest of protection of environment failing which an agitation would be launched.

The varsity has kept the citizens in dark without seeking their opinion”, he added.
Assistant Executive Engineer of UoM, Mohan said the varsity had to cut trees to construct PG hostel for women and to establish Biodiversity Centre.

The loss has been made up by planting more than 1,500 saplings, he said adding that deputy conservator of forests had given permission to cut the trees.