Now is the time to play...

Now is the time to play...


 BE CAUTIOUS Playing on the road can be risky. The parks and playgrounds are also overflowing with kids who want to make the most of their summer holidays. While playing outdoor, a child learns to work in teams and expand his or her imagination by going beyond the four walls of a classroom. As the playgrounds and parks in the City fail to accommodate a lot of children, kids resort to playing on the streets as they have no other alternative. They play cricket, badminton, lagori and also take part in cycle racing, skating and the like. Such outdoor activities keep them fit and also encourage them to socialise with other kids.

When children play on the streets, there are certain safety measures they should follow. Many children do not care about their safety and due to their erratic movements, they can be hit by vehicles. So a parent should always be present to oversee their activities. The members of a community can share this responsibility on a rotational basis. “As we stay in an apartment, my son has a lot of friends. There are many children of his age here and they all play together during vacations. Though we don’t want to restrict him to the four walls of home, it is risky to leave children on the road at the same time. So parents should always keep track of their children’s activities,” says Suvarna Chandrashekar, a housewife. “Sometimes, we even join our kids when they play badminton and throwball. By being an active part of their activities, we can oversee their safety as well as burn some calories.

Children feel restricted indoors while they are able to express themselves freely without any inhibitions when they are outdoors. It’s important for them to be stress-free,” she adds.

Summer is the time where kids engage in a lot of activities as a result of which, their body gets dehydrated easily. So they should consume enough water, fruit juices, tender coconut water and buttermilk along with nutritious food. During vacations, it is natural for kids to roam around on streets with their peers. But during such excursions, they may end up consuming unhealthy food and water from street vendors. Hence, parents should not forget to educate them on hygiene.

Games apart, children should be engaged in tasks that enhance their writing, public speaking and analysing abilities. “This time, I am not sending my eight-year-old son to any summer camp, dance, music or painting class. For a change, I want him to spend this vacation the way he likes. These days, along with academics, children have to prepare for many additional exams and competitions throughout the year. Why impose further burden on their growing mind? But I will be taking my son to the nearest library as he likes reading,” says Rajatha, another housewife.