Lady locked up for not vacating place of stay

Puttathayamma locked for more than eight hours at the Urs Mandali Kalyana Mantapa in Mysore on Monday. dh photo

Puttathayamma, a 55 year old woman is the victim who was confined in the hall for more than eight hours since morning. President of the Urs Mandali hall Laxmikanth Urs had allegedly locked her in the hall on Monday morning for not vacating a house where she was staying, within the premises of the hall. The woman was living in the Urs Mandali hall for the past 30 years and was attending to small works required to maintain the hall. However, Laxmikanth served her an ultimatum to vacate the house and hall in a month.

With nowhere to go, the woman requested the president to allow her to continue to stay in the premises. Upset over the woman not vacating the premises, Laxmikanth locked her in the hall in the morning. Puttathayamma who is a diabetic developed giddiness when her grand daughter Bindu returned home and alerted the people about the incident.

Following a tip off, few members of a labourers forum thronged the Kalyana Mantapa protesting the president Laxmikanth Urs’s act and demanded the arrest of the accused. As Laxmikanth arrived in the spot, the angry public members tried to assault him.  Timely intervention by the police saved the situation from getting out of hands.  

Puttathayamma told the police that she was living in the Ursu Mandali premises for the past 30 years and said she had nowhere to go after the president served her an ultimatum to vacate.

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