'I have stopped dealing with controversies'

'I have stopped dealing with controversies'


'I have stopped dealing with controversies'

BUBBLY Genelia D’Souza

In town recently to unveil a new range of products for a City store, the charming actress, known for her million dollar smile and versatility, spoke to Metrolife on her experiences in the industry.  When asked how she manages to be a part of five film industries, she says, “I am really lucky to be able to do that.The good part is that I am welcome in all the five industries.”

Genelia recently shed her bubbly image in Urumi, a Malayalam movie, to play a warrior. About the preparation involved for the role, she says, “It was very hectic. I learnt horse riding and Kalaripayattu. I couldn’t smile at all as the role required me to be that way! The movie not only involved training but also a lot of thinking. I don’t think I have done anything like this before.”

When asked if the work culture in Bollywood varies from that of the regional film industry, she says. “I really beg to differ. The only major difference is the language.” How does she deal with the controversies surrounding her? “I have stopped dealing with them. I have realised that it is part and parcel of being an actor.”

Genelia was one of the first few actors from the Southern industry to make a foray into Bollywood. Now it seems to have become a trend. “I am glad I started it all. The Southern industries are great and South has been my learning ground. I have taken a long route to get to where I am but I would rather be a whole book that is owned than a page that is just turned over.”

Genelia also supports many social causes. “I am young and have noticed that most young people take a backseat when it comes to supporting pressing issues. Being a woman, I usually support women’s organisations. I also strongly believe that education is a must for everyone. People must understand the importance of education.”

And what does she think of ‘Namma Bengaluru’? She says, “Bangalore is very beautiful and I really enjoy myself whenever I come here. The climate is the best part of the City. I am actually a Mangalorean and at home, we eat,speak and live the Mangalorean style of life. I also shot for a film here and it was a great experience. I like the fact that it is a really cosmopolitan City.”