Our confidence is really high

Our confidence is really high


Three consecutive defeats and a wash-out had certainly put us under pressure, but the squad responded well and the victories in Kolkata and Delhi have restored confidence both inside and around the squad, and provide us with a crucial platform.
Chris Gayle batted brilliantly in Kolkata – his destructive unbeaten century off 55 balls was one of those innings that will last long in the memory – and Virat Kohli really produced the goods when the chips were down against the Daredevils.

Yet, it’s the team that matters and it’s a team effort that will win IPL4.

High level of intensity
We understand what is required -- from all our bowlers, from all our batsmen and from all of us in the field.

We recognise the levels of concentration, commitment and intensity needed by any team with aspirations of winning this competition and, collectively and individually, we are determined to meet those standards and succeed.

The Mumbai Indians have obviously looked impressive in every respect but, aside from them, it would be difficult to identify any other teams as nailed-on semifinalists. There are plenty of franchises who will fancy their chances – and we’re one of them – and there is plenty of highly competitive cricket still to be played.

Five of our remaining matches will be played before our own supporters, which must give us some kind of advantage. We will work hard to make it count.

Everyone is looking for momentum -- get on a winning run and you fly up the points table, get on a losing run and it’s amazing how quickly you can sink. Rhythm and confidence are precious commodities in the IPL and, from seeing the guys in training, I would say that, at RCB, we have both in plentiful supply at the moment.

Good momentum
We need to ensure nothing changes, and two elements give me hope that we will maintain our momentum and secure a place in the top four.

First, great leadership -- Daniel Vettori is an outstanding captain, who exerts a kind of calm, steady control that gives confidence throughout the squad. I’ve played alongside a few fine captains, and I’m really enjoying playing under his leadership.
Second, great team spirit -- we’re a group of friends who enjoy each other’s company and, when the going gets tough, I’m sure our togetherness will prevail.

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