Problems aplenty at the Dist Hospital

Problems aplenty at the Dist Hospital

Beds, medicines in short supply

The problems keep increasing everyday and patients are made to suffer.

Promise not kept

The district administration have not lived upto their promises. No care is taken to maintain the maternity ward nor care for new born children.  The hospital has also not taken adequate measures to improve facilities in this ward. Newborns are made to sleep on the floor as cradles have not been provided by the authorities.

Questions rise

If cleanliness is not maintained, how do the authorities expect mothers and children to be in good health, ask residents. “After delivery, the child and the mother are weak. They cannot be allowed to sleep on the floor.”

There is shortage of beds and patients are also sometimes forced to sleep on the cold floor, they added. But doctors say that the death rates among infants and expecting mothers have decreased in the recent past.

New ward demanded

A proposal has been submitted to the government to start a new ward for treatment of mother and child, modelling on the ICU. Work has been progressing and new staff and doctors are being appointed.

Training is also being provided to newly-appointed staff, said District Health and Family Welfare Officer Dr B N Byrareddy.


The proposal to the government will be approved and soon work will progress. Facilities that are required in the maternity ward will be provided soon too, he assured.

Medicines, climate control, treatment and other facilities will be taken care of. As much as Rs one lakh will be spent in order to revamp the ward, he added.