US student learns public health here

US student learns public health here

Rightly called as the Big Brother, however, USA is the amalgamation of many culture and traditions since ages.

It virually creates an image of a bouquet with variety of flowers tied together with a piece of silk ribbon.

Largely influenced by the European culture, the country has been developing unique social and cultural characteristics.

American culture and tradition is the merge of conservative and liberal elements. Besides,
it has the fragrance of free expression, materialistic and moral approach.  

Political structures, military competitiveness, scientific temperament add more tinge to the existing distinctiveness of the soil.

The land of Stars and Stripes, the land of football lovers, the land of people who breathe baseball, the land of people who have die-hard passion for their role models is as unique as the land of craziest memorabilia.

Alexandra Golond from Washington DC is all praise for India, a land that has greeted her with warmth and tender hospitality.

In fact, she is fond of everything that is Indian. Right from the people to food to culture, almost everything.

The name India itself makes her blush revealing her love and affection to the country.
Here is Alexandra for you…   

Why did you select India for your higher education?

I just wanted to study anywhere in the world, so that I can study the culture of land that is alien to me.

I chose Asia especially India. I knew nothing about the country and I wanted the experience that is totally different. I was doing my international relations on South Asian Regional Security. Currently, I am doing my studies on public health as part of my studies. It is one semester course. I know India is one of the emerging leading economies in the world.

How do you find education standards in India and how about expenses incurred for education here? Is it feasible when compared to USA?

It is good. I don’t find any difference in the fee structure as I directly pay my education fee to my American University and I am here through my University.

What did you like most in India?

Everything. People, dress, food. Especially, the way foreigners are treated here. In US, it is not easy for a foreigner to have a safe life.  Here you are treated more positively.

What do you feel about Indian culture?

It is marvelous and lovely. I appreciate the way the elders are treated here.
Elders are respected a lot. This you will not see happening in US. We lack respect for elders. Another aspect that I liked the most is the way children are taken care of by parents.

What are your experiences in India?

I loved the hospitality shown by the people. I had many memorable experiences and it is difficult to tell one or two. In fact, I never felt that I am away from home.

What is your opinion about Indian politics?

I am interested in the politics of India. I do have heard that there is lot of corruption in India. However, in US it is much of lobbying.  I find lots of similarities in the political system of both the countries.

Which are the places you visited in India? Your favorite place.
Goa, Hampi, Delhi, Agra and Mumbai. I liked Goa.

What about Indian food?
Yummy…really delicious, especially those spicy items. But my skin does not like spicy eatables. I get red boils on my face.
I like channa masala, channa batura, nan and dal. Fresh fruit juices are so wonderful. In US, you have to pay a lot for fresh food.

Did you like Indian dresses? What do you feel about the traditional outfits here?
It is elegant. Everyone looks so wonderful and absolutely beautiful. Wearing sari is an unforgettable experience.   

What are your future plans? Would you recommend India for your friends?
Surely I will recommend India to all my friends as stay here is a life time experience.
I will go back home on May 13 and after a short break, I will go to Ireland for a brief internship. I am not sure after that. I haven’t decided anything as of now.
Manjushree G Naik