What they want their MG Road to be...

What they want their MG Road to be...

Fast forward

A file photo of M G Road with the boulevard lining it.

What do Bangaloreans want their most iconic MG Road to reflect? While several would like to see the prestigious road, damaged due to the ongoing Metro work, in a greener avatar, others prefer functionality over aesthetics.

Scientifically designed parking lots seem to be the need of the hour. Rajesh, an employee of HSBC says: “I would like to see an entire building dedicated to provision of parking facilities. Shopping on MG Road should be made an easier affair.” Meena V, a homemaker hopes that the unveiling of the Metro reduces the traffic congestion in this area.

On similar terms, Munawar, a street book vendor, complains that may be parking space on the street is the main cause for traffic. As more and more vehicles are parked, there is lesser space for moving vehicles. He says: “There should be separate parking spaces for those who work in the area and visitors. This way, it would be more convenient to have your vehicle parked somewhere near and at the same time, reduce traffic congestion.”

But traffic does not seem to be the only problem that troubles passers-by on the street. For example, Annapurna, who has been living in Bangalore for the past 15 years, says:

“Here, you don’t find a single dustbin, let alone proper waste management.” As for traffic, she suggests a subway would help reduce traffic.

Vidya, a degree student of Christ University echoes Annapurna’s views: “I can only wish there were dustbins somewhere in the vicinity. I had to walk a long distance only to dispose of a wrapper.” She also suggests that there should be ‘clean’ public restrooms.

“We need not always have to walk into a restaurant or a mall to use the restrooms.”
Elizabeth from Sweden, who has only been in Bangalore for a few weeks, says: “I am tired under the sun. I could do with some seats to rest myself for a while.” Akilesh, a student, hopes that authorities find a way to reduce the air pollution caused by the large volumes of traffic. They should plant more trees if space is available, he says.

Manogya Balaraju, however, has a different approach. “Such a prestigious road should reflect the culture of this vibrant metropolis. Bangalore is more than silks and shirts. MG Road should reflect this and not remain just a commercial destination”.

It is now up to the BMRCL to heed such views and enhance the iconic status of the road through which it passes.